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they do get over it, my dog pined for quite a while after hubs died, not only have they lost a member of their pack but they pick up on your sadness as well
take it a day at a time x
I'm with bowlingbun on this. One thing I've learn't this past year is make the decisions that are right for you and yours and to quote my dad sod everyone else
<t>To del boy and BB and sorry you had to join us in the club no one wanted to join. This is a really good place to let your feelings out. <br/> Its nearly a year for me now, we maybe can't walk down the exact same road as each other but we can offer support and an arm to lean on along the way. <br/...
Fantastic nana I'm so happy for you.
As we know only too well lifes to short, opportunities to be happy should be grasped with both hands Image

Love Booksey
<t>Sorry if this offends but yes you do still have your caree/partners. They may not be the people they were ,you maybe don't have the relationship you had (and believe me I understand that only too well watching someone disappear) but ... when they are gone thats it. No more being able to touch the...
Hi Brian Going from full time caring is a big jolt to the system suddenly having time to call your own is very strange. It takes a while to settle into a new routine. I'm glad you've got your dog to keep you company. Its nice that the care home let you take him to visit your dad so many people lose ...
I think there is a lot to be said for getting rid of "stuff" I always feel better after I've cleared things out. Whilst i was looking through my paper work for policies after hubs died I realised just how much I had that was no longer needed. Manuals for electrical stuff that had broken 10 years ago...
<t>Nana if you feel ready follow your instincts. I will be moving in the new year ( there are practical reasons for it being then).As much as I would love hubs back I know its not going to happen and even if it sounds bad to everyone else I am enjoying learning to be on my own I've never been an adu...
Hey nana how are you doing today?
I'm planning a family get together, the day hubs died was the first time all his siblings had been together in the same room for years. They haven't been together since his funeral Image
Not sure how it will go but hopefully it will be okay