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at least it's not the pub,Scally. Image Image Image
oh , and nice one ,Booksey Image
<t>That's quite extrordinary Scally- i have never found that to be the case ,and my child went through mainstream all of her life and attends various daycare schemes for people with disabilities now.Of course children who have been hurt in any way ,whether physically or emotionally, will tend to exp...
You can't.You shouldn't. It's not natural.Having said that, it does help me to :- a) put all your favourite upbeat music onto ipod,or cd and sing along with it (at the top of your voice) b) ask a friend to find the rudest/rauchiest jokes they can find from the internet and text them to you at random...
I can appreciate why you panicked about the lift -but we're always the last ones to call for help,aren't we? I hope you're feeling better soon-lots of useful advice from everone!
<t>The only solution,Pam, is to go to the park more often, then the adults who were ignorant about disability can get used to your daughter and the kids can carry on as normal -which they would have done anyway, if not ushered out by uncomfortable parents.<br/> Scally does not appear to have any con...
waves back ,of course. Image
Anyone else going to fezz up?
<t>Wow, that's a first ! Must have been frightening for you all. My DD has never been sick either,not even as a baby and must admit,I'd have been off to A+E .Went there once when she had a bad tummy upset and her skin turned lilac ,then a red rash appeared- after eating out.Possibly allergic reactio...
Lady Dorothy Benji-Alexandra.
An improvement on my own,I think I'll use it Image