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mum went down with it on wendsday thankfully she got over it pretty quick last time was ill was 7am thurs morning ,yesterday kept giving her water with supplements mixed into it,going to try solids today anyone got any ideas was thinking of cereal and soup
<t>its not something in the 5 years i have had to encounter,proberley no more then a couple of situations in all that time,one sticks with me i was woken by a lot of moving about and drawers being open about 6ish one morning with my mum insisting she was going to get my sandwiches ready for work(she...
<t>hi suzie yes i have 16hrs free each month from crossroads,there was one really good carer that worked for them who havnt heard seen for 6 months did find her on facebook and sent her message but havnt had reply,will try socail services thanks,i do use a private carer but she couldnt really cope l...
would like anyones input on how you went and got a private carer as im not sure how to go about it,we do not have a budget and would like her cared for in her own home just for the odd weekend break and odd evening out,i dont know anyone i could ask
i put rails each side at the moment she seems to be getting better each day on stairs,i like you prefer the bath its what she is use to,will try find the team up at the hospital i think the bath seat is the way to go,its not really possible to put bathroom down stairs as its only small semi
hi daffy not that im aware blood test came back with water infection
hi sussex yes i did get it wrong have to admit i tried a mouthfull and couldnt blame her for turning it down,she has just ate really well with lentil soup and jelly and drinking really good to
<t>hi daffy sorry to hear about your hubby,mum seems really bright today,shes drinking for england at mo glad its not beer or she would be under table! just ate whole bowl of lentil soup and jelly still has problem with eating anything solid just tried her with her favourate choclate biscuit but no ...
thanks daffy im hoping the water infection was the cause of her not managing bath and stairs although she is miles brighter now and before infection was a very active 85yr old,chair lift sounds a good idea will look into that
hi daffy yes mum loves jelly and ice cream,she use to love hot drinks but since the dementia she seems only to drink sqash and milk,desserts wise its not to bad main meal is the problem tried as recomended baby food but she hated that trying lentil soup today as she use to love that years ago