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christmas pud! I used to get my mum to post one to me when I was living in Japan. Cost a bomb!
Dear Gilly I receive a small DP from social services, as well as a healthcare-funded package, for my son. My social worker said there was no problem me topping up if I wanted more than they were giving me. I haven't had to do so yet, but I have done so with my son's healthcare package. If you're pay...
I haven't been before, but can I come along too? I can bring a homemade christmas pud :D
Alex - That's absolutely ridiculous! I hope they manage to get it right on Monday! I hope your wife is managing ok without the meds.

Kind regards.

Tracy - Keep up the good fight. Just one small note, no need to worry too much about flushes not being given prior to and inbetween meds etc. My son has a PEG and we only flush after meds and feeds and not before. All it's doing is pushing everything through, and leaving the tube filled with water n...
Dear Blade That does sound very unsafe, I'm surprised it's allowed. Unfortunately, this site is for unpaid carers, ie those who care for family/friends, not paid care support workers, so we're probably not the best people to ask, although at least one member wears both hats so may be able to advise....
Oops, apologies for muddying the water. I suppose because I am unable to work and thus have no income it wasn't an issue in my case. I should've remembered, there's been enough said on here about keeping below the £110 (?) limit. So sorry. Next time I'll leave it to the experts.
As Susie says, it's always a good idea to check with the experts on the advice line, but it's my understanding that carers allowance isn't means tested. It's more to do with whether or not an individual provides at least 35 hrs of care for the caree.
Dear Imogen Absolutely no way should you be giving your mum anything. If anything she should be paying you! Carer's allowance is what it says on the tin - FOR CARERS! I think it's disgraceful that she could even consider asking you to give her money. I hope you can stand your ground on this. All the...