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Paulah, I had the same problem a few years ago doctor came to do oh and I was told to go to the surgery in a couple of weeks time if they had any left. But now the district nurse comes round and does as both. So maybe next year it will be better organised for you and you both can be done at home. BT...
Hi Jas, welcome to the site.

As far as I know you do have to pay for dental treatment, unless you are on income support.
That goes for prescriptions and eye tests as well. If you are on carers allowance alone you have to pay for everything.
<t>Why is it wrong and offensive to say that money from the pot should be spent in this country first. Our NHS is in a mess, there are a lot of people in need of help. <br/> <br/> Is this site just purely for caring issues and no other debates are allowed to take place?<br/> <br/> No one said they h...
Hear hear !
Again looking after foreigners first Image
They should take money from the pot for people of this countrty first and then give what is left to others, not the other way round.
You don't ever learn to stop missing the person you once knew or what you had but you have to learn to adapt Image
Did I hear this correctly. Have just seen on the BBC News a carer saying that she gets £16,000 a year. Now If I am wrong in what I heard then I apologise, but if I am right the public will now think we all get that amount of money, why not for once show the worse case scenario http://www.carersuk...
Quote: The quick fix approach does not work I would like to know what quick fix this is as well, I must have blinked at the same time as you Cheril. I have been caring for 8 years and in that short time things have just got worse. And as for the Olympics we had no say in the matter just told that o...
I am so sorry to hear of your loss and then to face the problems that you are now going through. There is no justice in this world for carers at all Image