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im the same, cant eat but cant live without coffee lol
Tracey it was lovely thank you, im sat here thoroughly stuffed, with a cuppa and my laptop and watching red or black lol
Collette isnt doing too bad today so I have had an easier day.
lol 1st time ive watched it, so far ive chosen the correct colour al the way.

I wonder though, if Vince happened to win would he lose all his benefits?
<t>Not doing too badly thanks Karen, im back to caring to again now, still having some pretty bad balance issues but will be seeing the nurse at the hospital later this month and my surgeon the month after.<br/> <br/> I know I should eat more regularly but the truth is I "forget" regularly to eat, I...
Vince full time carer fom London on red or black
Is he a member on here I wonder?
eminating from our kitchen.

Chicken in peppercorn sauce for tea tonite, georgous smell thats making me really hungry.

Then I realised I had forgotten to eat today! Image
<t>Hahaha fashion? whats that?<br/> <br/> Im normally found wearing khaki trousers (the extra pockets are handy) but they arent all green, in fact im wearing my black pair today and I love my "grandad collar" (no collar but buttons down from the neck) shirts wether long or short sleeves, I love the ...
Lots of supportive people here, you are definately in the right place Image
<t>To be honest if I hadnt been taken to hospital by the crossroads lady I would have ended up going in the back of an ambulance, I honestly dont remember getting out of her car at the hospital and dont remember anything else of the rest of the day until about 4pm (its a complete blank), I do rememb...
<t>Thank you all for your support, its been a hell of a few days here.<br/> <br/> 1st up the op on Friday went ok as far as we knew, day case and was home friday night but not feeling TOO good, saturday felt groggy and I dont really remember much about it, Sunday felt a little better but still not g...