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<t>Hi Frito<br/> <br/> My caring role is over but I am glad that I managed to stick with it right up to the end of the old folks. When I started I was a single parent with a teenager and toddler (not an easy mix) both with asthma, I was officially carer to my dad in his 70s with multiple health prob...
<t>Hi Mandie<br/> <br/> I know this time of year is difficult people are starting to get busy looking for Christmas presents shops are busy and there are carers who inhabit a different world while still being able to see how it is for others and how it is not the way we live.<br/> I know that you ha...

Another point about Power of Attorney. It is different laws in Scotland and England. Not very sure but I think Wales is in with England on legal stuff.

<t>Hi <br/> <br/> Is there a Power of Attorney? If there is one it would depend on which of the brothers were named. If it was all four then it is stalemate. If it is the two who want their mum bathed etc by care ladies then they have the right to order this. If it is the two who want to preserve th...
<t>Hi<br/> <br/> Welcome to the site<br/> <br/> It is interesting that you have mentioned remortgaging your house. If yu were fully employed at the time of remortgaging I dont know if anything can be done. However, if you were retired or on Carers Allowance that could prove interesting. I have been ...
Does not cover Scotland either

<t>Hi<br/> <br/> I would agree that you should do all you can to get to a Citizen advice Bureaux even if you have to explain to your employer and even take 10 min lunch hour to build up "free" time to get there.<br/> Your could also try age concern and social work to try to get help. Threats to go t...
Hi Roy

I do actually know about the geology of Scotland.

It just shows that the struggles of carers are the same throughout the UK.

<t>Hi Roy<br/> <br/> I am exactly the same as you. I had only one skin problem before I became a carer, eczema, which started when I lived next door to a senile man who thought it was his building and a young woman and wee kid were not entitled to be in his building. He used to send the police to us...