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I hope you're feeling of isolation improves after the school holidays ladies.

Maybe everybody is just too wrapped up with Christmas.
Hi Girls, I feel isolated for a different reason. I've posted many times in the 'feel alone' section. I care for my 81 year Mum. Yesterday, I scurried around trying to get things organised for today, Christmas Day, and went to bed shattered after she'd wet herself several times and I'd done three ex...
Can I join please? I'll have a go as I'm bored and fed up on Christmas Day!

1. I love cats
2. I've stopped with the local villagers in Vanuatu.
3. I'm frightened of hospitals.
Sarah haughtily ousted Peter's suggestions.
Hi Denise Well done for keeping your job. At least you have some contact with the outside world which has to be good when in our situation. I think I will be seeing a therapist of some kind soon like you. I went to the doctors yesterday and the receptionist handed me a piece of paper about getting i...
Finland Greenland Holland India Japan Kazakhstan Laos Malta Nicaragua Oman Poland Qatar Romania Switzerland Tonga Uruguay Vanuatu (No countries have 'W' and 'X' as their initial letter) Yemen Zambia This was a fun game is you love geography and HAVE travelled extensively before one became stuck indo...
Hi Greta and Bowlingbun, Thank you for your replies. I've googled CHC and painstakingly filled out a massive form only to find we don't qualify for any more than we're already getting! As you said Bowlingbun, I presume it's a postcode lottery!! I shall still enquire with my GP's secretary though and...
Hi Greta,

Does this apply even if I own the property and not Mum? If so, I will definitely apply for it.

Many thanks for letting me know about this.

Have as good Christmas ;)
Hi Henrietta, Apologies for not replying sooner. I thought I'd reply to both of you together if that's OK. Firstly, no Jenny I don't have PofA unfortunately. It's a very expensive process and although Mum has wasted a load of money on other things this summer she won't pay out for this. At the momen...