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Hi Elaine I started making a list of pros and cons if Mum came home. I came up with one Pro - that she'd enjoy being home. The I listed about twelve Cons regarding the room, the equipment, my health, times when the carers aren't here, (bearing in mind Mum's incontinent), and the fact that she'd have...
Dear All Many thanks for your quick responses. It seems many of you think like me. I was told a few weeks ago that she didn't qualify for the CHC assessment but having looked at it on on the internet I think she certainly does. I shall push for it again tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't have anybody I...
HELP! Dear All I need an opinion - I'm being bullied by social services into having my Mum back home after two and a half months respite. This would be fine but she was very wobbly on her feet anyway before Christmas and then had a fall. As a consequence, she ended up in hospital and then was transf...
My turn:

1) I had a fantastic Christmas, loads of parties, etc.

2) My Mum has been mistreated by staff in a care come.

3) I am doing my utmost to get the home closed down for the sake of all other vulnerable adults.
Good to hear from you again, Simon. I hope you're well.

I think the lie is 'I'm the richest man going'! I'd like to think for your sake that this was true...
Thanks Bowlingbun,

I think I might try that idea. I bet she'll cotton though! It is worth a try. I'll keep you updated...


Hi Denise, Popping Mum into respite isn't an option I'm afraid. I so wish I could!! She went in last Christmas due to several falls due to a UTI, the last one being severe and needing two leg operations. She was unable to walk due to the operations for several weeks and spent six weeks in respite. I...
Simon, you're supposed to make a sentence out of COMIC before leaving another word.

We can't continue the game otherwise.

You didn't leave 2 truths and 1 lie! Your turn...
Sorry Simon, you're wrong.

The correct answer is that I stopped with the villagers in Fiji. I was Pacific Island hopping after leaving New Zealand.

I do actually HATE hospitals. They scare me to death!!