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Still on the subject of cars - has anyone used Autobility (Autobility Ltd, Unit 2, Newburgh Industrial Estate, Cupar Road, Newburgh, Fife, KY14 6HA)? Cheers. J
I checked some of the registered charity bags - and some of them no longer exist which seems to be an indication of a scam
The bags left on doorsteps are often the subject of massive rip off scams
Mum finds it difficult enough to answer the door so I have put up "NO COLD CALLERS" and "NO CHUGGERS" signs. It was Jehova's Witnesses who knocked yesterday. I really don't like the idea of putting up a "NO JEHOVA'S WITNESSES" sign - does anyone have an answer to that? Thanks. J
Thanks for all the replies received (up to now - and any received from now). Are you allowed to state which dealers you've used or is that against forum rules? Thanks. J.
Thanks. Looks like you found a decent motor. I will have a look as you suggest. Cheers. J
<t>Still on the subject of cars - Mum has wondered if it would be possible to get hold of ex mobility vehicles as, when they are three years old, they generally have to change hands. I think they are returned to the dealer who ships them off for auction. Do any dealers bother to display them in a sh...
We have to try to make up our minds on this. Does anyone have any small cars which have been adapted to store a power chair - or, alternately, what do you have and how do you get on with it?
We're planning to go look at some motors tomorrow but may consider a hoist. Is it possible for a roof-hoist to lift a power chair into a Yaris without removing the back seats?
I'm not sure yet but I'm tempted by the Kangoo. We may also look at those devices which lift a wheelchair onto the roof of a car - it would have to be a power chair though.