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Thanks everyone! It is nice to read everyone's replies - please keep 'em coming if anyone has anything to add! Thanks
You don’t hear from me for a year or two and then, like waiting for one bus to come along... I’m sure that most will agree that caring can be non-stop – there’s always so much to do (especially when you have to look after yourself as well). Every now and then a relative will turn up (they probably c...
I ended going back to UHW for ULHB and was put through to the dental school who advised me to contact the community dental team for my area (giving me the number) and I am waiting for them to return my call...

Thanks everyone
Thanks - I've tried them but, if nothing else comes out in the wash, I will certainly try again
Mum needs her dentures repaired. When I took them to the dentist the receptionist said they cannot be repaired until a new impression is taken. It is so difficult to get mum to the dentist I asked for a home visit but the dentist does not do home visits. I started phoning round to check if an nhs de...
Hello Chris
Thanks for that but I joined Parkinson's UK the day I was diagnosed. If I appeal I will certainly use your link


I have looked after my mother for more years than I care to remember and have witnessed her gradual decline from someone quite active to her current situation in which she has only the use of her left arm and some use of her left hand. Lately, for some meals, I spoon feed her as some food is more di...
My local council has wrote to me to tell me to contact them to arrange a carers assessment. I suppose it can't do any harm.. .. can it?
(I meant use the fan setting (there is no switch-off) but use the non fan temperature) just to update you - I left it on 160 for 4 hours and removed the foil for the last half hour. That worked - nice turkey. Cheers - thanks for all the comments
Merry Christmas to anyone reading this. Mother was a picture of misery as she descended this morning on her stairlift. Once she was down I helped her off the stairlift and onto her scooter (which she uses to drive round the house). Later she seemed OK when she told me to put an apple in with the stu...