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the end seat rotates round so it easy to get off but also means you can position the seat so you're looking backwards
it's a modified TGA Super sports, with a relocated seat, allowing room to fit another seat on the rear..it all bolted , no welding ...why ? so i can convert it back if required...
hi Peter, the SW had it in for me because of the complaint i made, she had the email on her laptop, still no funding and still getting very little sleep, the GP concerned remarked it may be risky for mum to take sleeping tablets.. i got to wait the outcome of the blood tests... the SW kept saying i ...
she did say "i'm here to set up safe guarding for you and your mum..."
well it looks like the social worker knows best, my concern is how she has these powers to take mum out of her home without cause ?
she happy , she gets out ... she put on weight ...
hi BowlingBun, the social worker has contacted my brothers. they are asking me to do the right thing, they are saying i can't care for her anymore... can she do this ? and can she put my mother in a home with out my constent ?
hi, well i had a visit and I asked the social worker to leave, she saying things like mum will goto respite for two weeks, getting mums money out was illegal, she had my email there that i sent to all members, i felt so stressed . .anyway she saying that I get no more funding until I produce last tw...
that's what i thought however i getting a "support worker" txting me today saying she would like to discuss how she can support me and mum..

I haven't replied because i only want the funding so i can get a break... what do you advise bowingbun ?
hi, I got a response

To help us with our enquiries, please could you confirm your mother’s name and address?

A response will be prepared and will be sent to you within 10 working days.

Kind regards


Julie Thomas
Cabinet Support Officer
Cabinet Office
Corporate Services