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Kat, not just me then - I feel like Im on an emotional roller coaster lately, nothing is forever - this too shall pass. Image
Hi sweety and welome
I look after my Mum too, she hasnt got Demetia though - thats my Mother in Law.

My Mum is just as mad as a box of frogs Image

Very tired and fed up Linda tonight

Happy birfday!!

I think its because I have such happy memories of my childhood birthdays that I love them now. I fee quietly special all day. Image
LOL at the adopted thing Image

Its funny, I always joke that I must be adopted because I am so different from my over-fussy- mad mother!

thank you Linda. Blimey why am I crying!!!! What do you do for a job? Jenny x I am an administrator for a letting agent, I deal with the repairs and maintenance issues from the tenants. I do have to have my wits about me, something that has been a challenge lately. I am thinking somethings going to...
Mig, unfortunately I dont have an answer to your wheelchair problem - I jjust wanted to give you a pat on the back for the improvement in your Mum

I just wanted you to know I know exactly what you're going through. I am trying to hold on to a job too.

I thought joining here was the first step. It does help - a lot. I hope to see you around.

<t>The Macmillan nurses were great when Dad was nearing the end. I remember that he started to "not be quite himself" as if something was affecting his brain for a little while, and then he slipped into a deep sleep for a day or so, and just drifted away. <br/> His whole family was around him just a...
Hi Ali, I care for my Mum too, she is 81 and has just moved in with us waiting for her "granny Annexe" to be built on the back garden, we are about a week away from being granted planning permission , and then the build can begin. I hope you will like it here, the people around here seem to get what...
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