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<t>This hasnt happened to me yet. I have been told by my nurse however that she only wants me to test every two weeks.<br/> <br/> It contradicts the ruling from the DVLA that I need to test before driving.<br/> <br/> They havent refused me strips yet though, but I have been diagnosed a long time, fr...
<t>Welcome Mike,<br/> my heart goes out to you and your family - my first thought whilst reading is that you seemed to have reached a point where you are ready to seek help, the people on here can usually point you in the right direction in order to get some.<br/> <br/> please post again - its a gre...
Welcome - the people around here are great and have been a great help to me since I joined.

Some friends are just "keepers" arent they? My friend hangs on to me despite me being a very bad friend.

She's lovely.

I am a carer, but my Mother moved into my home, she is overwhelming me at the moment - she has easily slipped back in time 40yrs and treats me accordingly. My low self esteem is getting ever lower. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

Not a good day today - sorry

I suffer from Diabetes and Asthma, I dont have the motivation to keep appointments related to either of them.

I have given up with both conditions.

Hi Ian,
I look after my Mum too - that feeling your having is familiar to us all I think. Everyone here knows how you feel.

The people around here are really friendly, and they understand what you are going through.

Love Linda
you are probably all going to have a go, but my me time is going to work, for a few hours a week and 'escaping' to be the person I used to be.
Same here - although that brings its own stress - at least I can be myself.

my dogs are my salvation too
Mum has the Doro - she manages quite well with it