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bowlingbun wrote:
Tue Apr 28, 2020 12:10 pm
Who cancelled the injections? A nurse, or a doctor?

You need to speak to the doctor.
https://pernicious-anaemia-society.org/ ... -19-virus/
Cumming's pulling the strings. Boris also knows if he does not lift restrictions, his mates/peers want to get back to making money/profiteering off of the backs of everybody else, and won't hesitate to get rid and replace with someone equally flaccid (Gove springs to mind) Its really that not hard t...
Maine wrote:
Mon Apr 27, 2020 6:36 pm
He has had no assistance from anywhere probably because he lacks capacity and is considered not important.
This sums up support for persons in this category both now, and pre-outbreak.
Might post later if I get time
Everybody is afraid of contracting covoid19 we would be fools not to be, thats not justification for them to withdraw support from you so abruptly. I hope they have put this decision in writing (you want both a letter and email) and have not simply had someone relay the decision over the phone.
Oh I know the ones you are talking about.. you need to be shaven for them to properly fit - main/sib caree would be very weirded out because he hasn't seen me without a beard since he was small :P

Thanks for the link

Best wishes
Its like doing a job which pays 50k before stamp, only to be taxed down to 5k, and then to give a large part of that up as well. Except worse, because when the work day was finished, admittedly I still had to come home and deal with things like we all do, but you knew the work day itself was done wi...
Tempting, how recently have you used them and what was quality like?

Thats the problem, sidestepping the white elephant in the room, which is the assumption of any political entity (particularly the one we're stuck with, who only care about lifting lockdown, so they can go back to buffing their own bank accounts) that they would actually be willing to hand back power...
Bit too busy to go into details but I can tell you there is no way councils are being forthcoming based on the list you provided, I'll drop you a message when things calm down to illuminate :)
I want to see the government being held to account, I am sick of seeing my future/any sort of aspirations I had in the rear view mirror as I slowly kill myself through sheer exhaustion which honestly has me at a point where I am afraid one morning I won't wake up. And I'm not even that old.. I can't...