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Helen so sorry to hear your sad news.
My thoughts are with you!

Hello Debbie welcome to the forum...I'm afraid we are all on the same boat even though we may have to cope with different illnesses!! but with the help of this forum we can support one another.

Hi Maggie welcome to the forum....i too care for my husband who has (COPD) so keep in touch when you can,always nice to have a chat it helps to spice up the day!!!!

Take care Eve x x keep Image Image
Hi Helen welcome from me too!!!!! Image
Hi Tess welcome to the forum...

Sometimes there never seems to be enough hrs in the day to do what we would like to do!!!! Image

Hi Brighteyes....welcome to the forum. I know exactly how you feel about being a long distance carer. I travelled to Devon for 6yrs every 3wks and stayed for 1wk...mum had dementia and had to have carers go in every day as she fell and broke her hip but it was still my duty to make sure all was ok!!...
Hi Pat welcome to the forum!! Been there,done that so understand what you are going through. Now looking after Hubby who has (COPD) http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_sad.gif These things are sent to try us http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif TAKE CARE EVE X http://www.carersuk.org/ima...
Will be thinking of you tomorrow Pat....love and hugs.

Take care Eve x x Image
Hi Karen, welcome to the forum. http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif I know how you feel,i care for my hubby who has (COPD) WAS DIAGNOSED 10YRS AGO.....may i say you are doing a good job looking after your mum , but at the same time you are still young and you do need to have some sort of s...
Oh Charmian..i know what you mean my hubby is just the same http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_sad.gif no interest depressed no appetite and yes i feel as if i will get depressed but i do what you do "THE GARDEN" :roll He goes into hospital next Tuesday for some laser treatment on his voice box and...