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<t>Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts.We have found out today her funeral is Tuesday.<br/> We were doing shifts at the care home watching my mum - we did this for 5 weeks,night and day.I hope this isn't too gruesome for some, but if, like us, you are watching for signs of death- mum's were...
<t>A while ago I asked "what do people with dementia die of ?" and now I know.She didn't get pneumonia or an infection ,her body just closed down .<br/> <br/> At ten last night my mum finally gave in and died. She had been on Oramorph (little doses of oral morphine ) for a while but they no longer h...
B.B. maybe you could respond to your supporters and ask them if they will post their support on this thread.A few of us do think it's a good idea and maybe there are more , if they'd be ok with coming forward.
good luck
I think it would be very useful to have money/benefits with a section of its own within the forum.Good idea B.Bun.
<t>Hello again , and thanks for the replies.<br/> Bowlingbun, my dad died many years ago now, sorry if I have confused you ! I was really asking as my mum is 92 with severe dementia (vascular ) and her mind has started to close down.We know it won't be long before her body does too.My dad died in a ...
<t>Here's a few daft q's from someone who has never had to deal with this,although I was holding my dad's hand when he died in hospital. Where do you get a death cert from ? also, do you have to give clothes to the funeral director for the person who has died ?<br/> <br/> On the donor front ,what if...
This is the thing about this kind of condition , it doesn't make easy conversation.Most of my friends haven't got the slightest idea about how bad days can go , so I am not surpised your friends don't know.A lot people struggle with the topic as it makes them uncomfortable , but if you have close fr...
Hello Lulu ,welcome aboard.
If you want to p/m me I will try to help.I have a pemanant colostomy ( I'm the carer ) but I have days when I think I should be the caree Image
Thanks all but hub appears to have had a rapid change of mind and now just wants to sleep on the sofa all day.It'll be up to the to the aspie psyche to see if he can broaden his vision and motivate him to do more with his life.It won't be an easy task. http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif
Thank you both ! no, he is not quite there yet in his decision but he is mulling it over which is a good sign Imageand the most positive thing he has thought about in an age .All information gladly received as it is all new to me.