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I've been watching it. Love it. That Irish lawyer woman was brilliant too. Her sense of humour made me laugh a lot. And yes Katie is amazing. What a role model for young women. Quite a refreshing difference to that other Katie, who is always on the telly

Yes she is an amazing person
I had my carers assessment. It was a kind of non event. I basically got told to contact social services if I needed anything.Sharp exit. We don't have a social worker.Is it worth having one? how do you get one and what do they do? please enlighten me. On a side point I got given a number for "adult...
Yes Boots sells the gel, also replacement pads.
Thanks I got sorted x
I found a pulsar tens machine does anyone know were I can get the gel thanks
For years now, when asked what I 'do' I automatically say I'm a carer. I also write carer on forms that ask my occupation and give the DWP's details when asked who my employer is. I treat it as a job and employment in so many ways, even though I know it's not a standard job and the rules aren't the...
yes,new life.cant follow that.so i wont even try.bless you for the new year.
For me it was getting married, then I need to lose weight also, take care of myself more.
For the special people on the forum whom do a wonderful job as a carer Image Image
it is oh so easy ... if the carer was not available the person in their charge would either be in hospital / care home or dead within weeks of living alone without help and support of a carer..

I agree as well Image
Hahaha No they don't. The outlaws - My OH's family have washed their hands of all of us including their grandchildren. They don't send him or the kids the time of day, let alone cards or gifts.
That is awful I know how it feels
<t>[quote]This is one of the stranger issues that we face because, although I struggle to get help from the family by way of day-to-day care, they are very good at sending presents and cards out - even if we do have to collect them from mum's.<br/> <br/> My side of the family even call Dave son or b...