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last book was a tudor set fiction novel about thomas howard, his wife and his mistress. Cant for the life of me think of what it was called. My local library is terrible. More focused on computers than books and when it was refurbished thay had slashed the teen fiction section by at least 3/4 and th...

chedder or brie?
the sound of silence- simon and garfunkel

whats your dream?
when my hands are cold i wear the fingerless gloves so i can still use my hands Image
i love thse gloves! Image especially the ones that go up to your elbow. toasty Image
<t>those reuseable hand warmers were you click the button...I've been able to buy them from a pound shop before and they've been quite good. Something that i do when it gets really cold with my mum is to stick another duvet underneath her so its a little warmer and slightly more comfy for her (she s...
Maybe a little OT but maybe not....I was sent to a catholic primary school back in the 90's.... http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif anyway, on a monday, one of our teachers would sit us down and say 'I went to church on Sunday and i saw --- and --- but why didnt the rest of you go?' and her ...
ghost train.
Last time I went into a haunted house I got chased by the girl from the exorcist Image

Toffee apple or treacle toffee?
Has to be Harry Potter for me. I so wanted to like the Lord of the Rings, but I couldn't get into the films or the books.

Laptop or PC?
2. green green grass of home (I think that's right Image ) -tom Jones
hi! My dad and i were in the same situation not long back. And what I know is: You can hire a member of the family providing they dont live at the address of whoever is recieving the care, There is a finanical assessment to see if can could pay anything towards the care We hired someone we knew- so ...