That's a dumb idea too, as it means the person with the badge can only have it for one car, rather than have a disc they can use in any car. I know we have more than the average number of vehicles in my family, but there must be many families who go out in one car for one sort of event, and a diffe...
Mentioned this to my oh he put the question on another forum and this is what came as a reply . "" i take it you mean cars with disabled tax disc? i,m told the new blue badges you will be asked for a registration number . that will be on the badge if you arent in that vehicle some carparks you will ...
According to he who knows these things David, it actually does 12 to 14 MILES to the GALLON
Thanks, have replied.
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We have a 1975 Buick and that is tax free ????
Thank you Sue,
might have know really as it seems to vary according to whether it national or regional companies.

I`m not as observant as you, can`t say I`ve seen the same one twice. :D


Every now and then as I watch the various presenters on TV, I wonder about the dresses etc they wear.

Does anyone know?

I presume the clothes are supplied by companies but who and how. :?: :?:

You`ll have to pardon my ignorance but I`ve never downloaded any music before.
I have got an amazon account which I mainly use for my kindle.
My question is really can I put it onto my andriod phone, it`s not an iphone.

No sorry, seen it advertised but didn`t think it was my cuppa tea.