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Hi Twinkle,
I am sorry I can't be of any help but would like to welcome you, and hope there might be some answers here to help you.
<t>Thank you so much, it does really help to see that this seems to be something that happens alot.<br/> I feel I must keep busy as when I stop and think I picture Mum and the time I found her 'gone'. <br/> Still got the funeral to come, and so many things to worry about and deal with, and all with ...
Thanks very much for the kind replies.
<t>I too came onto this forum after a long absence to thank the very kind people who helped me when I had posted some of my difficult times caring for my dear Mother.<br/> I clicked onto this post and has helped seeing I am not alone in my feelings of grief.<br/> I lost my Mum on the 27th Dec. after...
My belief is that EVERYONE should make a POA - we don't know what may be just round the corner and it can solve a lot of problems in the future. Mum agreed to one just before her Alzheimer's was diagnosed although we didn't need to register it until the Alzheimer's took over. It has proved a blessi...
Well let me see California (Lompoc) U.S.A. where I was born Surrey (Godalming) Saudi Arabia (Al Khobar) Essex (named has escaped me right now, I am a tired hector) lol Then a long long time here in Suffolk (Bury St. Edmunds) But in future I can imagine I will be all over the place. http://www.carers...
Hi Mick, welcome and here is a great place to chat. Image
Hope your Mum is ok Tricia. Thinking of you.
Great news Carolina.

Must be a big relief for you.
Hi and welcome, I always say, I know nothing, cause I don't usually., or should that be I do usually...no nothing Image

But hope you get an answer here soon Image