Hello, my brother currently studies GCSE English at college. I learnt our parents are moving. They only contact us for Christmas and birthdays. Yesterday was my birthday, I got an email from my dad wishing a happy birthday but no mention that they are moving. I am scared they want to "disappear" jus...
My brother recently had a needs assessment and I had a carer's assessment. All this took me a while as I was unable to walk properly for several months. Next step is to make an appointment with the GP for my brother so that he can start being diagnosed. Every time I rang, no one picked up the phone ...
Hello, I am Amy, 28 and I care for my little brother 23. I work full time and go to college as well. I find it very hard to cope with work/college/caring. I feel exhausted, guilty, not organised etc. When I tell people around me they usually say thing like "get over it, you're young, you can do this...
Well, this situation makes me sad but we have to go forward.
I am 28. Our parents contact us very rarely. I am the only person who take care of my brother.
what is secaucius please?
-He physically puts himself in danger, hurts himself
-He has problems at work
- Im feeling very depressed
What shall I start with?
I look after my brother who is 22 who suffers has undiagnosed mental health problems. He seems to be always in "auto pilot", not aware of what is going on around him. He behaves like a 11/12 years old.
I feel exhausted and lost.