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Hi Bea I love the name Bluebell. You have my heartfelt sympathy - my son has severe mental health difficulties and his behaviour has been challenging in the past. Have you come across Bipolar UK? They have a support phoneline though I'm not sure whether it's for carers or just sufferers: https://www...
Hi - I too am carer for my son with schizophrenia. It really is a long haul. You are not a failure, just desperately tired. When he was younger my son went through endless rounds of arrests, hospitalisation and sectioning. He's now on depot injections of a low dose antipsychotic. How old is your son?
Hi Judith Sorry for the late reply. I've been wrestling with Universal Credit and PIP forms this week. Horrible. Everything you describe resonates with me. My son is 38 now and has had a diagnosis of schizophrenia for 21 years. He too is on a CTO, after many admissions to hospital on a Section. He h...
BB, yours is the most patient, persistent voice on the forum in support of exhausted, browbeaten and undervalued carers. I too have learned a lot from your advice. ☺
Vivienne, in my opinion what the gardener is doing is abuse. Please see this link:

Hi Claire Having a child of any age with a mental illness is tough. I do feel for you. My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia over 20 years ago and we have been through some horrendous times but now, at 38, he seems to be less volatile and more amenable than he used to. He could be unempathic, mean...
Thankyou MrsA. I'm sending you a PM.
Hi Jim This is a difficult situation for you. I hope I can pass on some things I have learned looking after my son and perhaps suggest some things you may not have considered. (I don't mean to imply that you haven't thought deeply about this as I'm sure you have.) Firstly, how old is your stepson? A...
Hi Cheryl What a worry for you. You might be interested in this description of delirium on the Alzheimers website: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-support/daily-living/delirium It is not always about hallucinations and such. There is a form called "hypoactive" which can be confused with depression...
Hi and welcome, OTV

Yorkshire's a big place ;) but if you are near York you might try


Best of luck!