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can anyone tell me how to go about it
i hope he reads that and that he fights them on this. it is all to easy to just give up. it seems the law is on his side and he needs to use it..
He has the law on his side yes indeed.
as soon as he signs on he is entitled to legal aid, go and get it, also if he was on income support to make up the carers allowance legal aid goes with that.
whatever you sign reed it, they should be Right to succession papers
<t>[quote]Thank you all for your advice and comments. The beauty of forums such as this is everything put on here stays on for the benefit of future carers who need the same advice. <br/> <br/> Here is the criteria for the right to succession law in England<br/> <br/> 1- you must have lived in the h...
I don't drive so i am somewhat limited in where i can live, a first choice would be the Highlands, to rent in somewhere no so secluded but much better than where i am, any ideas ?
I wonder how the authorities would set about sorting out the core features of autism then, mind you it would be an angle I would use to try and get better provision http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_wink.gif Vicky Well i would say that while there has to be some allowances for any disabilty there...
I think i will try for a reconditioned ex military or similar, its just no use getting another ordinary, its like throwing money away, i will look into the Dell though as a toughbook is about 1,800

Just looked at the Dell, its out of my reach at 2,600 but thanks anyway
you could aldo try your MP
I would love a place away from folk believe me but cant afford it. I will repeat that they dont make constant noise and if they do i will bring them in or take them out but it is never enough. There was a similar case i heard of a good few years ago, a boy i think in the garden got an asbo, not sur...
<t>My laptop is packing up due to heavy use from my son and daughter, already i have gone through 2 desktops and now the laptop is folding, charging lead going, the yellow earth lead split and their is a split in the casing, also a coffee spill, does anyone now of anything that will take a bit more ...