Hi susieq Is there a national carers group please?
If feel a lot better now someone is going to be seeing us soon when we move in looking at interests and hobbies I'm not sure if this is apart of adult care all not
Hi I'm Simon and I do not had any connection with other carers at all only just a odd chat in here I do have family to chat to most of the time that's by text.
Do this mean I'm not looking after her
There treating us rotten this government is
Were moving property and thinking on going to BT we both have LD what kind of help is out there please
I think everyone is under the pressure at the moment with services stopping here and there all the time we do not now what direction we are turning.
A For..... Audi :D
S for...... Stacy
Be nice to get out and go and do some activities out in the committee for some me time alone