Hello there! Yes, as bowlingbun says you are lucky that your mum is at least contemplating a care home (even though she is now saying she can manage at home!!!). As the GP advised bring the subject up again! Let mum know that you would still visit her regularly as she might be frightened that once s...
Yes Rosemary,

I'd forgotten about those Tena wipes, they are much better then the baby wipes!

Joan x
And depending on her age (over 65 I think) she might well be eligible for Attendance Allowance or Disability Allowance if younger. Your local Carers Resource should be able to advise you.

Good luck.
Joan x
On the odd occasion when my 93 year old mother had had an "accident " resulting in her needing to be thoroughly cleaned down below I used to get her to sit on the toilet (lots of towels down to protect the floor ) and then proceed to wash her. (She was not able to get into the shower cubicle because...
Hi Fiona.

Take advice from bowlingbun! I have listened to her in the past and have taken heed of what she says. The result of which is that I often re-read her advice when I'm having a "down" day and feel better for doing so!

Good luck.

Joan x
Christine.. ignore the PhpBB3.. mistyped!!!!!
Christine! You have nothing to feel guilty about and even though we will all tell you this I know you still will!!!! That's because from my own experience the guilt never goes away! I'm 72 (nearly 73 and an only child) and my mum 93 in November. My mum sounds just like yours...thinking that I should...
Do you have help from district nurses

Has your doctor told you about continuing health care which is when the NHS can pay for supportive care for your mum whilst in her own home.

He should be able to point you in the right direction.

But hugs.

Joan x
Just wanting to have a rant and vent my feelings!!! Been to see mum today ..I go three or sometimes four times a week as she has no other visitors. .I'm an only child and my daughter lives fifty or so miles away. She has been in the home since beginning of January 2019 following a months stay in hos...
Oh Jen, My heart goes out to you! Having looked after my mother (she's now 92 and I'm 72 and an only child) I know exactly where you're coming from. And your position will be harder than mine was because you have TWO parents to care for. You really do have to take all the advice given by the other p...