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Hello again!!! ' re your remark about having a support worker to take over for a few hours . I'm sure there will be voluntary group in your area who offer a "volunteer visiting scheme ". If there is perhaps you could try and persuade your mum to let them come for an hour or two? As an excuse for the...
Hello there!!!! Yes in my area of North Yorkshire there is the Carers Resource and in the past I did approach them for moral support. It was just good to talk to someone about everything My husband is extremely supportive as are my friends. However, I suppose sometimes they might have got fed up of ...
Hi ontheaverage!! It's me again!! I am 73 and my mum is 93. I am an only child with one married daughter who lives fifty miles away and she has a 12 year old son. Ever since I retired at the age of 60 I regularly visited mum who used to live in her own bungalow. She had no friends or relatives to vi...
Hi, it's me again!! The Yorkshire mum!!! You mentioned about writing a list for when you go see your GP. A great idea!! In fact why don't you write the list and when you see him/her just GIVE him/her a copy of the list. This will ensure that you don't suddenly "back out" of telling the GP everything...
Dear ontheaversge, I am old enough to be your mum and feel so very sorry for you and the position you're in. PLEASE , PLEASE go and see your GP and let him know how depressed you feel. In my humble opinion you do sound to be on the edge of a nervous break down and if you become more poorly you won't...
Y for Yule log
X for Xmas! !
V for Vixen!! One of Santa's reindeers?
W for Winter Wonderland.
Couldn't think of anything for U and V!!

You are a treasure!! You have often given me good advice and it makes me feel better knowing that you understand so much. Thank you!!

Wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas and sending you a virtual big hug ((😙)).

Joan xx