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Y for Yule log
X for Xmas! !
V for Vixen!! One of Santa's reindeers?
W for Winter Wonderland.
Couldn't think of anything for U and V!!

You are a treasure!! You have often given me good advice and it makes me feel better knowing that you understand so much. Thank you!!

Wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas and sending you a virtual big hug ((😙)).

Joan xx
Well Christmas time is here again!! As you get older a year seems like a week doesn't it??!! Whilst mum has now been in the nursing home since January 2019 she is only just beginning to settle. Saying that on my visit to her this morning (Christmas Eve ) someone loudly mentioned the word Christmas a...
Hello there! Yes, as bowlingbun says you are lucky that your mum is at least contemplating a care home (even though she is now saying she can manage at home!!!). As the GP advised bring the subject up again! Let mum know that you would still visit her regularly as she might be frightened that once s...
Yes Rosemary,

I'd forgotten about those Tena wipes, they are much better then the baby wipes!

Joan x
And depending on her age (over 65 I think) she might well be eligible for Attendance Allowance or Disability Allowance if younger. Your local Carers Resource should be able to advise you.

Good luck.
Joan x
On the odd occasion when my 93 year old mother had had an "accident " resulting in her needing to be thoroughly cleaned down below I used to get her to sit on the toilet (lots of towels down to protect the floor ) and then proceed to wash her. (She was not able to get into the shower cubicle because...