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Thank you for all your efforts to help - I will certainly keep you appraised.
The shelter helpline said I could only get discretionary succession if I was on the tenancy agreement (which I am not) and that I could be given 28 days to quit. Actually they initially said the helpline is an emergency one - meant for those actually homeless. But they were very nice and did try and...
Hi, I did contact Shelter but no joy. I will keep trying though - I won't just give in :)
I would like to be famous for nicer reasons but if mine and others' experiences help at least one person, then great. I will be in contact with other carer organisations to see if they can incorporate this type of story in their publicity. As I said before, unless you know what to ask for, or are al...
Very wise words and a 'Lambchop' section - what a hoot! I am very grateful :)

If I find some miracle to save me from eviction, I will let you all know, of course.

Thanks to everyone for their support.
Thank you Chris. I read the document you sent with interest. This is a particularly important part of the legislation: ' tenancies granted before April 2012 be aligned with those granted after that date. The amendments will deliver a consistent approach across all secure tenancies and ensure that co...
Thank you for your wishes Jenny. You asked why I didn't ask this question before mum died. Dad, before he died, handled everything to do with the councl and the joint tenancy and I had no idea about any of this. Plus, it would not have made any difference - I could only have been added onto the tena...
Hi, I just wanted to tell people my story in the hope of educating any carers in a similar position My mother had vascular dementia and died on 19th October this year. I miss her dearly - bless her wonderful heart. I have been her carer for over 30 years (I am 48 now) and, along with my father, we w...
Hi Myrtle,

Can you give me the name of the particular hospital in question and any other details you might have?

That's a brilliant start Charles - well done and keep up the good work!

Myrtle - I'll see is my Trust can liaise with Devon.