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it is some 14 years since my ex partners accident that caused his severe brain injury. I looked after him for about nine years, then he went into independent living. we are still close friends and I see him regularly. what I'm left with is deep deep guilt that always makes me destroy my life, no mat...
Thank you for the replies so far. This is Wales, so I think it is CIW. However, both CQC and CIW say they do not investigate individual concerns and may not inspect a single care provider.
What is the best route to having a private care provider investigated? I have urgent concerns about my friend in their care and have just been alerted that someone else in their care has died, and it is not natural death.
I'm looking for anyone who has experience of CCMS - Community Case Management Services and two particular case managers. Please get in touch urgently.
Hi all, I'm only too aware that there are so many people who can't get out or who are too afraid and too vulnerable to want to be in public spaces right now. I have created a petition to debate allowing garden visits at safe social distance, which from Monday will otherwise be banned and effectively...
This is not about the announcement yesterday on people living alone. This is about the announcement that said from 1st June those shielding in Wales are now allowed to meet another household outside and to go outside locally within 5 miles to exercise.
I did think this. What can actually be done though? What is the process?
My friend is shielding. He is vulnerable and has 24/7 care in his home. He lives alone with his care team. The government restrictions have been lifted so he can meet outside locally with 1 other household at social distance. We would both like to meet, but the care management company are not allowi...
Hiya, Thanks for the reply :D No safe guarding issues, no. Just lots of unnecessary suspicion in the past because I make professionals and care assistants lives more difficult because I don't turn a blind eye to poor care. It's always the same, they try to throw mud defensively back at you instead o...
He is paying, though he lacks an amount of capacity. However, ordinary rules should apply - assume capacity, give him all the information and he weighs it up and decides if he still wants to go with me, taking the very small risk on board.
I cannot find any precedent for this anywhere!