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Can someone please tell me where to turn next. I am trying to help someone vulnerable. It's currently in the court of protection, but this is slow and they don't actually do anything to help. There is a POVA for months, but nothing seems to be happening and now they have stopped talking to me. There...
You should contact Pova then they are legally obliged to investigate.
To my question - does anyone know what a protection plan is, what will it do?
Its a protection plan. What does this mean? Does anyone know what's in a protection plan? Does this mean they are doing something?
Does anyone have experience of Pova? I've put one in, supported by loads of witness statements. Lots of serious concerns with care included being forced into daily activities, and financial issues potentially resulting in 10s of thousands of pounds missing. Nothing is being done, details not handed ...
The ICO deal with data breaches, I already have a complaint into them, nothing back so far.
I'm not sure they deal with the human rights breach do they?
Hi all, My friend is cared for in his own home by a private care company he employs through a deputy. This care company are logging all our communications with each other, recording our conversations, policing or deciding the content of our conversations before hand so we can only chat about certain...
it is some 14 years since my ex partners accident that caused his severe brain injury. I looked after him for about nine years, then he went into independent living. we are still close friends and I see him regularly. what I'm left with is deep deep guilt that always makes me destroy my life, no mat...
Thank you for the replies so far. This is Wales, so I think it is CIW. However, both CQC and CIW say they do not investigate individual concerns and may not inspect a single care provider.
What is the best route to having a private care provider investigated? I have urgent concerns about my friend in their care and have just been alerted that someone else in their care has died, and it is not natural death.
I'm looking for anyone who has experience of CCMS - Community Case Management Services and two particular case managers. Please get in touch urgently.