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A very warm welcome from me too :)
I never thought of it that way - then I suppose I am artistic after all- yeayyy!! :D
There are quite a few arts and crafts groups in my area. Have been offered to go along recently but had to decline. I admire the skill , patients and foresight people have , looking at a "blank canvass" what ever it may be and make something beautiful out of it. I really tried hard at school with se...
Hi and welcome.
A member of my family works for Age uk or Age concern. Sorry but I can never remember. They can offer loads of advice and help . Have you tried the internet for finding your local office. I would have thought ss would have all these numbers. :)
Hi and welcome the forum. :)
Hi I care for my son who has adhd and autism he is now 17yrs old. I never thought of myself as a carer until the last 2years. You just don't i think . But having a 18 year old too ,who goes out etc does his own thing and is independent brought it all home to me I guess. I was also in a longterm rela...
I have been with british gas for years and by the sound of things I seem to have been lucky, Each time I have over paid I have got a cheque through the post automatically :) As you mentioned -I rather have a cheque than reduce my monthly dd payment . You would get so used to having a littlemore to s...
I cut back a lot and have learned over the years and that as much as I want to be, i am not super woman. I have a tumble dyer, this means that I can get away with virtually no ironing so long I take the clothes out as soon as the buzzer goes and the clothes don't stay in there to long. why spend it ...
Hi Carole
Just wanted to say Welcome to the forum :)
Hello Amandah

I wish you too and everyone on the forum a wonderful Christmas !!

Jean xx