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Mum got her Attendance Allowance, so I applied for Carers Allowance. Received a letter last week saying that because I'm receiving a benefit that is higher then CA I would not be entitled. Phoned CA and according to them I'm receiving ESA, I have not received any benefits for some years other then W...

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If I say so myself, the garden looks half decent when it snows.
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The dog and cat have both been very interested, so I thought it was rodents of some sort. About 4 doors away they have been clearing their garden for the past few months and they had a lot of sheds and a aviary so maybe from there. Actually a couple of months ago, one evening I opened the back door ...
I think something has moved in under the shed, judging by the excavation. Has anybody any ideas what?
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Don't forget Poppett that the DWP will only pay from the date that you made the claim, so apply ASAP. I'm now thinking about claiming Carers Allowance, but I'm classed as self-employed, also, I receive Working Tax Credit, but I'm sure that I read somewhere (I've read that many pamphlets) that CA can...