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<t>Bit worried here.<br/> I've been called in for a "work focused interview" to the local jobcentre. I've been a carer for my wife for 3 years. She has a degenerative illness and wont get better.<br/> Can anyone tell me what they're up to?<br/> Will they try and put me on one of their slave labour s...
thanks - I'll sleep a bit better tonight Image
I hope they defer any future interviews for me.

Getting someone to stand in for me for the interviews isn't
that easy.

I think it's best I turn up in person and explain it to them.

many thanks

<t>Just been called in for WFI.<br/> I'm full time carer for my wife who has Stage 4 emphysema<br/> <br/> Will they stop me being a carer and try and send me on one of<br/> these stupid workfare programmes?<br/> <br/> I would try and work up to 16 hours but there isn't the time<br/> she's got a hosp...
<t>I'm asking this question as I don't want to approach the relevant people in case I rock the boat (with all of the goings on about getting as many people off DLA as they can)<br/> <br/> I'm caring for my wife who has severe COPD and has "indefinite" status. She gets HIGH rate MOBILITY and MIDDLE r...
Does anyone know? - I'm not sure if it will be DLA or just ESA or whatever? Image
<t>Hi Stacey,<br/> <br/> Yes, that would be great. I think I'm coping all right with the basic things. Its the sort of "funnies" that go with the illness, like smells, and temperatures which seem to set off breathing attacks which I'm still trying to remember from day-to-day.<br/> <br/> Kindest Rega...
Read this - makes an interesting read - a quote from it

"The Gregg review recommended that everyone on benefits, apart from the severely ill or disabled, some carers and parents of children under one, should either be actively looking for or preparing themselves for work"
That's what frightens me - we are on "the heavy end" and as you can imagine just about make ends meet.
My caree (My wife) is on the waiting list for a lung transplant, so any withdrawal of benefits would impact us greatly.