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Well it looks like it will be an unsettling time for all of us!!
Over the next month's we will discover what's in store for both Carer's and the people we look after!

With reference to our/their benefits etc.
Firstly, what is the persons role in coming to your/your mothers home etc. Secondly, if they are not doing the role they are sent for, you need to contact the people who they work for and ask for people to be sent who are willing to do the work. Always try to be polite to both the people and the com...
Where would the country be without us Carers?!
Not just the people we care for, but the country as a whole.
It's time to think seriously about the whole situation.
Carers need respect for the job (caring) they do
It is not right that disabled people like my mother, are living in homes that are too cold for them and is causing a detrimental effect on their health. There is a proven link between cold temperatures and ill health in vulnerable groups for example disabled. My mother and I believe that there shoul...
Just to let you know, the council informed us that windows can only be replaced if the whole estate is on the 'Window Replacement Programme'. They do not replace single property windows. They know our circumstances and understand that the flat is too cold for a disabled person (not reaching 18 Celsi...
Yes we wrap up in blankets and use hot water bottles etc.
Double glazing is a start ( and it will make a difference believe me) but it is not the end
All things only carry on if we are willing to accept them as they are.
It is simple speak or accept
Is it right that in the 21st Century disabled people can live in very cold homes and when you raise these serious concerns with the social housing provider it does not take any reasonable steps to solve the problem!!!
Hi everyone, The flat my mother and I live in is too cold!. Even when we have the central heating on, our flat only usually reaches 15/16 celcius, not the 18 celcius that is recommend by the NHS for a disabled home. One reason why the flat is so cold, is because the windows are only single glazed. I...
Hi People, This forum is new to me. I am 26 years old and the sole carer for my mother. My mother was fit and able until May 2012, now she is in a wheelchair and needs help with everyday tasks. As you can imagine, everything is new to both of us. It will be good to have a place to find out informati...