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Hello to all Carer's here I never put anything other than Surf Liquid, Lenor/comfort or brown dettol in my washing machine. Over time I have tried Dettol washing machine cleaner amongst other things to clean it. Last month I bought a bottle of Calgon green liquid it cost £3.99. You can use it after ...
Thanks Ayjay

Much appreciated.

Just found the link https://38d.gs/community_facebook

I'm sure if this campaign is successful, then this would help so very many people and their Carers and of course the many who do not have support/help.
Hi All

There is a petition on FACEBOOK re: No more PIP reassessments for people with Lifelong disability or conditions.

Mandy Bell via 38 Degrees- has anyone here got the link. I do not have a facebook account myself.

All I can say is that this government are good with words and I'm sure many of the Carers here will have strong views on the Governments response to the petition that I and many other Carers signed! “Pay Carers an allowance equivalent to a fulltime job at the National Living wage”. Government respon...
Hi Sheps

Welcome to the forum.

I see you've already been given some valuable advice and that you have now acted on it.

I hope that life gets a little bit easier for you from now on.

Hi Honeybadger Your frustration comes across loud and clear! I speak to many people who are disappointed by their Dr's and it would be more reassuring if we had a choice! Going back to care homes, Its the privatisation end game. Quality of service is in the gutter while costs continue to rise, and t...
Hi butterfly68

I remember that well and one can but hope!
The latest report was written by Robert Booth, social affairs correspondent on the 14th of July 2020 in the GUARDIAN.
Thanks susieq