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<t>Hi All,<br/> Have been looking into our mum having a respite holiday. We have been caring for her for 4 years now and need a holiday break .<br/> <br/> She has less than £14.000 in her bank, that's all she has. I know she will be entitles to £109 a week, for the allotted 4 weeks respite allowance...


<t>Hi All,<br/> <br/> My mum was very ill back in the 90's with terrible depression. It was so bad, it was if she had lost her mind, we had to section her, for about three months. She became better, but the doctor said she would never be the same again.<br/> It all started to happen again, three yea...
<t>Hi All,<br/> <br/> It would seem that our local council has a pot of money to give out. I think they said at the moment they have £500 a year to give to a carer, to spend on themselves. I have heard some people have brought lap tops, holiday breaks, gym memberships etc.<br/> <br/> Where can you g...
Hi All,

I am looking for a door sign to help my mum keep her front door locked during the day. She does it at night time. Something on the lines of Keep this door locked, kind of thing.
Sonia x
<t>Happy New Year All.<br/> <br/> A carer asked me if I knew of anywhere he could take his wife for a holiday in uk. He wants a place that can deal with her Dememtia. He will of course be going with her.<br/> Any ideas that I could pass on to him would certainly be helpful.<br/> Best Wishes,<br/> So...
Hi All,
Just to let you know we were given a blue badge this week for parking. So glad I filled the forms in. They were quite happy with her picture taken form my phone.
Sonia xxxx
Hi All,
Do any of you know of any groups or talks that will give their time freely to come to carers groups to help with the social side of things. Rather than talking about your carers duties or worries all the time.
Any ideas welcome.
Thanks ,
Love Sonia xxxx
<t>Hi All,<br/> <br/> Wondered if many of you attend Carers clubs. What are your thoughts about going to one.<br/> I have been given a form to fill in about how I think our club is doing.<br/> What benefits do you find from going to one.<br/> How they could improve things.<br/> Things I would like t...
You are not being nosey. My mum will be 83 next month
Sonia x
<t>Hi All,<br/> I have just got the forms to fill in fo4r my mum who suffers with Alzheimers. She has trouble walking very far these days, as her ankles tend to swell up after a short walk. She has been told by her doctor to rest them when ever she can.<br/> The reason I am going to try for a badge ...