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This place of light
cyberspace bright,
stand and stare,
with some care.

The cheery sky,
turns black and blue,
with sunshine scattered,
do you?

Stand and stare,
and take it in,
the love of life,
we have within
<t>I feel that that the local authority has a duty of care to your father .I would ask your local social worker they are used to helping and paid for it .We are visiting a solicitor today after a visit from our social worker he helped explain to .us that it is better to get the pwer of attorney set ...
<t>When I was working my wife received incapacity benifit as well as dla , If you were out of work to care for your wife, you could ask for a crisis loan to help, if you received income support +carers allowance,but this might not suit you,our councill benifits advisor visited us to see if she could...
<t>Would it be possible to set up a seperate insurance plan which would pay off your mortgage in 20 years say but also have life cover built in .We have this and the mortgage company has never checked on its progres after they saw it was set up,its like paying off the mortgage in twenty years is our...
Our social worker advised us to go for full power of attorney to protect my wife ,we are seeing a solicitor on Friday, we have to take Id along ,it sounds straight forward , thankyou for the advice.
Our social worker is visiting this morning and this advice will help me keep it low key.
<t>I am wondering about becoming my wifes power of attorney,she was in hospital recently with a bolus and I feel the doctors stalled in giving her an endoscopy to remove it . After 12 hours overnnight I niped back to let the dog out and get a couple of hours sleep and they said they would telephone ...
<t>Ill have to try more and move things out the way . I tend to avoid areas at the moment that my wife cannot access ,she used to be confident ,so I will have to go for it ,been stuck in a lot with the snow money etc but I feel the need to get her out their and be part of the town ,yea I will go for...
<t>the whole world is geared to able bodied people.,I think ,I would like a section, of large cafes devoted to disabled people and their carers ,I think we need a place to relax without people panicking ,everytime you attempt to move or reposition ,.I think a starbucks for disabled people only! woul...


Please forgive me , but I have already been visited by that model.