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hi everyone i am a full time carer for my wife we have two young children and was wondering if there is anything like a holiday grant i can claim...any advice would be great thanks
i am in the birmingham area
hi does anyone know of any help i can get towards heating costs my wife is disabled and i am her full tme carer..any advice would be welcome

thanks robert and yes its good sometimes reading the posts on here as you get some good tips and advise..but looks like my heating probl;em needs someone to look at it
<t>hi everyoner it looks like i will need to get a plumber or boiler engineer to come and have a look at the problem as i have tried everything that all you nice people have said and its still knackered lol but thanks again and will post a reply when i get a solution to what was wrong with the centr...
<t>hi thanks to everyone that sent us some advice ..we have been in touch with the work assessment officer at the job centre and was told it is mandatory for my wife to attend but when i told them she use a nebuliser and cant walk very far and is awaiting to hwear if she is a suitable candidate for ...
<t>sorry paul its the way i read your name as not paying attention so do apologise...the stopcock is on the pipeline to the rads so its all connected i will try turning the stopcock fully on see if that helps and the water gauge is on two bar that is the limit as that the top of the green bar anythi...
thanks to malc for the advice i will try calling them.....and pauline the stopcock is downstairs does it need to be full turned on to get the rads to work as it is turened half way on? the colour of the water is clear when i bleed the rads
1.yes the boiler is upstairs
2. it serves the two radiators upstiars first as the are hot
3water only comes out of the downstairs rads when i bleed them and are supplied by water coming down pipes to them
and one radiatotrs downstairs gets slightly warm
does this hep
hi robert i have tried that too the water level is in the green and checked it today to make sure it hadnt dropped into the red there must be a blockage like you suggest but if anyone else has any input on how to try and sort it then please feel free to drop a line or two ...cheers
its a valiant turbo the boilers make......yes water came out when i bled them it was a good flow of water not a trickle if that helps any ideas?