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A few years ago we had the same problem. I checked with the gp if it was ok to crush the tabs first, and mix them into my carees favorite chocolate melted on a spoon. It was ok, and it worked. Thank you, I will certainly keep this in mind. My wife is diabetic ( I'm beginning to feel a bit paranoid ...
Might be a silly question - or somthing you have already done but have you checked if there is a liquid alternative to the tablet form? A lot of medications now come in both forms. Its maybe worth talking to your pharmacist. Hi Chris, Thanks for your interest. We did try one of the tablets (the lar...
<t>Thanks Daisy, Jimbo and Paul.<br/> <br/> I am sure most carers on this forum could write a book. Paul your story about the cup strikes a chord. Not only is a certain yogurt required but our hotel in Blackpool is the only one suitable.<br/> This hotel was discovered after I have had to twice retur...
Hello jimbo,

Thanks for that. Custard and rice have been suggested already and would have been the answer but Mrs Jac being Mrs Jac declined. I'll take on your other suggestions on board.

Thanks again [/b]
<t>Thanks SusieQ.<br/> <br/> I have thought of this but wondered if I would be allowed to use it in our hotel room, due to health and safety issues. I have even considered buying one of these portable battery charger/powerpacks as a power source to keep ithe fridge in the car, but there may be a saf...
Hi Jac, we have the same problem, we tend to break them up between 2 spoons and add it to a drink of water or milk. Works just as well.
Thank you I wil try to convince my wife to try this. She is very set in her ways which is a big part of her mental health problems.
<t>My wife has a problem swallowing her medication and takes her tablets broken up with yogurt. This is ok at home and also when we are out for a day. The problem arises when we are on holiday and regfrigeration is not always available.The other problem is this particular yogurt is the only one she ...
Hi Jac and welcome to the forum.

Thanks Karen Image
I had one about 2 years ago.As a result my wife got a bath seat and 5 hours care by Crossroads which gives me some respite from 24/7 care. It was also suggested I seek councilling but to date I've not got around to it.
Thanks to everyone who have welcomed me.