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Very impressive, shame that there aren't more like it around.
Best wishes
Dear Norms
A happy healthy Christmas to you and your family.
Congratulations on all your achievements in 2011.
From a health professional and Carer for my husband with amnesic syndrome.
Best wishes
Dear Elaine & Norms

Wonderful to put a face to Norm's Angel.
Well done for making your film, you eloquently expressed your love but also your
enormous responsibility and isolation.

Best wishes
Norms, what a beautiful eloquent description.
You bring such hope to others.
Best wishes
Took my husband to his mental health review this morning, two months late as the last appointment never arrived in the post. Consultant asked a few questions, nodded, wrote a few notes, consulted her laptop, asked if I'd had a break - NO! Then said that they were closing his case. He was no worse si...
<t>Hi Mark<br/> To echo the previous reply, any personal relationship developing between a professional, the SW, and their client, or family of client would be a disciplinary matter.<br/> Similarly, does this attraction really exist or are you searching for something more in your life.<br/> If you g...
Dear Norms I'm so glad that you have such a loving caring family. My husband has amnesic syndrome and his daughter has not let him see his two grandsons for the last two years, as she doesn't want to have to explain to them why Grandad doesn't remember them, or things they've done etc. As it's my st...
<t>Chronic in the original statement refers to the fact that Diabetes is a lifelong disease once you have it. There are a few exceptions - drug induced Diabetes when if the drug is withdrawn some people revert to normal blood sugars; similarly gestational diabetes may disappear after delivery of the...
Having found this site a few days ago I've now plucked up the courage to add a message. I care for my husband aged 59 who has short term memory loss after many years of alcohol abuse. I gained the 'Carers role' after he was admitted to hospital last summer with acute confusion, and subsequently disc...