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Yes I agree - The care plan should state whether or not direct payments can be used to meet the outcome and how.

Therefore before you make any plans/expenditure it would be wise to check exactly how the direct payments should be spent because any misuse may result in the LA asking for it back
Have you got a link to it Cotula?
Hi Radders1 I'm so glad that you feel able to talk to us here you will need more support locally though. I joined the mental health team to promote national mental health day last month. You are not alone. Like others said ring social services asked to speak to the mental health team. Also ask for a...
What is the point in chucking a direct payment or personal budget our way when there are no available services for us to purchase ie no suitable respite? Just enable social work to say they have done something and then claw the money back since we haven't been able to use it! Eun This made me smile...
Happy Birthday Pete

Hope you had a relaxing day
To support people with low or no digital skills, and to help them get online at home, Argos have made 10,000 low cost tablets available – and they think carers might be interested in getting their hands on one. In order to qualify for one of these tablets, learners will need to take part in a 90 min...
Hi Julie and welcome to the forum
Hi Londonbound

Here is the link to the one that carers in Rutland were recommended to use. You may be able to adapt it to meet your needs

http://www.rutlandsenfamilies.co.uk/res ... as-a-carer
We had one drafted by the Rutland County Council Carers Team I will try and find it for you ;)