The frist line don't sound right so here goes again I'm fuming because it didn't mention carers at all.
<t>When I heard this I was fuming as i understand it's carers who get income support that wiill get this half price travel. I was told by a bus driver and an inspector that i can go free on the bus as long as i've got my husband and the wheelchair with me fair enough but I got on another bus to be t...
<t>My son was on Ritalin for his ADHD it was something we did not take lightly and read up and got all the informatuon on it's pro's and cons for us it helped alot. It was not our first but rather our last resort. We could tell when his next tablet was due cos he would get very hyper.<br/> Debby</t>


<t>Yes my Hubby has M.S and was diagnosed in 1987 my youngest child was not even a year old.<br/> It can be vert hard sometimes. In the beginning i cried a lot but that passes. I still wanna cry some days but try hard not to. I've had to give up my hobby (Osmond stalking)) as he can get ill and lose...
<t>My son has Aspergers and one day he started digging at his foot and when I asked what he was doing he said that he had something in his foot and it had been in there for 2 days didn't tell me.<br/> He had Pneumonia when he was in his teens and the doctor said that he didn't know how he coped with...
Got it thanks Paula.
Yes Paula got the new cd. Image
Paula go find the biggest bar of chocolate you can and sit down and enjoy it. Image
Thank you I'll go and have a look now.
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