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Hiya thanks for doing this for us, Me and another carer from the Carers Trust site have made a chatroom and a facebook group.

Chatroom: http://chatwing.com/CarersTogether
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CarersTogether/
The problem is hes hospital where he was from was in Scunthorpe and we live in Grimsby. So its a pain trying to get him there the only time he gone is when we went to A&E for heart pulptations when we first moved here (I'm orginally from Grimsby). We have contact hes Care co-ordinator and see if we ...
Right my partner as have to have a another blood test result this year for hes Thyroids as he was on the borderline and so when we went for a yearly review with hes psychiatrist he gave us the slip. We thought it will be easy just get in the GP to see a nurse but no we been having problems with the ...
A simple question can realise a persons problems.
This year is challenging me through up and down emotions not just about my partners health its also my family and hes family members.
I am so happy that there is this website forum.
Hi Anne
Glad you come on to the forum, I haven't been on in a while been a bad time with partner health and also family members going through some health problems too.
put a picture of a actor/actress up and other people can guess
Thank you all for replying back. We doing okay but my partner is getting a face to face assessment for ESA so hes been worrying and can't keep still, he suppose to have hes medication up by 1 tablet but hes psychiatrist cancelled the appointment so now we waiting for them to rebook it, and its makin...
Hi I just thought I would come on here and see if anyone else is a carer for a person with paranoia schizophrenia. We have been worrying about the benefit changes and its been effecting us both and we both been arguing but it mainly me stressing out. My partner doesn't feel like going out much and f...
Starting of with this Actor(in attachment)....

N_ _ _ _ _ W_ _ _ _ _

Good luck
Birds of a feather?