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"Mace sneaking up on his Ninja Turtle stuffed toy"

Has anyone seen this ? I loved it Image

Thank you both .. I’m a bit guilty of trying to run before I walk, well not literally http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif .. but I'm having to take it easy .. And I can’t quite believe this is the second Christmas without Mam .. I think it’s the hardest day in the whole year to get past...
Hello there, I’m adding to this thread a little late, but still wanted to say I’m sorry for your loss .. What you said about firsts really struck a chord with me, specially at Christmas time .. I wanted to ignore that 'first' altogether last year, but .. what made most sense to me, and helped such a...
Well we got the cake made safely http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_wink.gif We were both thinking of Mam .. she used to phone me up .. from over the road .. to tell me her kitchen smelled lovely and Christmassy http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif That made me smile to remember that .. xx
Thank you all so much for your kind messages .. as Rosemary said, major heart surgery .. it was all a bit of a shock and probably just as well I didn’t have too long to think about it beforehand, I’ve definitely been fast-tracked .. and was discharged day five after the surgery .. mind there was a b...
Thinking of you today Meg,

Sue x
Thinking of you Liz, my heartfelt sympathy in your loss,

Sue x
We have 2 members that I know of from near Durham too.
Hi Debby,

I might be one of them Image welcome, you'll get loads of support and friendship here,

I mostly read fiction .. light-hearted, I like Marian Keyes, just read 'Further under the duvet', and Catherine Alliot 'Olivia's Luck'. To engage the brain a bit http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif Jeffery Deaver's a great writer (the Lincoln Rhyme novels always have a twist in them); James ...
Hi, Thank you all for your replies, Dee, I never got my tree or any decorations up at home last year because Mam was so poorly and I never got time, but made sure I did hers for her to enjoy. (There was a bit of a drama on Christmas Eve cos her stair-lift broke, and the on-call service engineer got ...