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I dare say a lot of it is "electioneering", all geared to appeal to the swing-voters. Always funny how these so called leaks always come just before an election. What a horrible bunch they are- on both sides of the house.
I currently get Carers' Allowance & Income Support. Will I be affected or should me and my mother jump off the motorway bridge now? :?
I think in these lean times of austerity and insecurity it's simply best to look after yourself and your dearest and nearest. I've never been an insular person but from recent experiences I'm certainly heading down that road now. Hope to see some of you on the other side if the economy ever picks up...
An update on my latest situation... I am now in the processing stage of the Debt Relief Order however overnight I have become a second class citizen according to the State. I am not classed as a Carer, according to them I am "unemployed" yet I'm not in receipt of JSA?. Apparently we aren't classed a...
I'm only just get a flavour of the low esteem you must have experienced Pete. The DRO is like mini-bankruptcy. My debt is fairly minor in terms of it's value but I desperately need the monkey off my back. It should be sorted in the next couple of months they say.
Update-I'm currently going through the process of a DRO (debt relief order).
I find the whole thing shameful that as part of the hidden army of carer's that prop up this country you get thrown on the scrapheap in terms of help.
I haven't got an adequate printing machine Scally. Only a colour printer & scanner Image
<t>Thanks Rosemary for those links.<br/> Farmer, you sound like you are in a very similar position to me. I was informed though that the frozen pension element that also ruled me out form the DRO application the first time, has been dropped (or it going to be dropped) as an application criterion pur...
Hi there, Apologies if this topic is in the wrong section and please feel free to move it http://dev.carersuk.org/j3/images/icon_smile.gif I've been a Carer since Oct 2009 now. I had to give up work to do so. I have no assets and no savings yet my life is still being held to ransom by a bank loan (@...
They won't throw you out on the street that is for certain. Go and see you local CAB is the best bet for now.