I bought a powered armchair last year which has been a great help but not been offered a hoist ? It seems self funding is the only way to get things done in this area.
So frustrating on top of dealing with the disability itself !
I agree..... time to request another visit and see what help they offer us ! I'll try to keep optimistic about the outcome ;)
My wife has been assessed and it wasn't much use to be frank. A mattress lifter was organised which doesn't help in the slightest? It took weeks to arrive eventually and did nothing but create sleepless nights. Then there a devise to assist transfers but my wife doesn't have the strength in her arms...
I'm a carer for my wife who suffers with MS. Her condition has slowly been deteriorating over the years and now balancing work and caring for her is exhausting and I'm feeling very forgotten. I'm shocked by the lack of support offered to carers... there seems no interest in our well being at all. I'...
Hiya Julie
Welcome :)
My hobby is portrait photography and i am constantly learning new techniques....
DSLR cameras are so versatile and allow good photos for beginners and more advanced.
Took this photo at one classes i went to with a proffesional model
Haha good work Mr P :) :)
haha me and luck do not meet very often :)
But i will give it a go.... its finding enough time in the day when balancing work,caring and presently removal man for my son :)
I have not visited a carers group as yet and wouldnt rule it out,however,planning a visit at set times could be an issue at times.Plus to ignored while there would not encourage me to visit again..... Hiya David, I'd always give it a go, if you can manage to get along. I've never been ignored at a ...
Thanks Susie
I do need to do some research and maybe even buy another Lotto ticket :)
It is just very difficult travelling on rough ground which in turn limits certain trips out,even on short excursions