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Thats one of the issues, 3 appointments have been broken by the OH team for a home visit to demonstrate.....so the hoist has been here over a month and still unused. The latest slings ordered ar in situ ones ? i have not opened the packaging so i will look later.... Thanks AyJay, i will experiment m...
After many years of caring for my wife who has MS finally the early intervention team get involved. However, things seem worse now than ever..... I asked for help regarding lifting my wife for bathroom visits and a hospital bed and portable hoist was delivered and a visit from physios and district n...
Hello Peter
Only just found your reply so apologies for the delayed response.
We do have a ceiling fan in the bedroom but an air con unit is a great idea. Do you use a portable unit or a fixed unit ?

Kind regards

I totally relate to this post..... its like being a prisoner at times! With parole not an option :(
My wife has secondary progressive ms and the recent warm weather has really had a negative effect on her health. she is no longer able to transfer unassisted from wheelchair to loo. I am constantly having to lift her and assist with toileting every couple of hours.... im exhausted and not getting an...
No, neither of those has been conducted.... pip assessment was done at home this year and a oh visit last year which was of no help at all.
I have less than a year until I retire but currently off work with a back condition and have been for 3 months. Work are currently trying to provide light duties but my wife's condition has deteriorated dramatically and I just think it's impossible for me to return to work. This is a stressful situa...
That's really useful information.... I'm in the process of sorting my pension in order to access drawdown next year... I assumed I wouldn't be able to claim carers allowance as I don't presently due to my income
Thanks Chris
It's always reassuring to know I'm not alone... the supporting on this site is invaluable !