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It’s tough dealing with isolation as a carer, so called friends soon disappear when have your time taken up with caring duties... social media can help, or get involved with online forums such as this one or one that you have an interest in... not the same as human company but it’s better than nothi...
I think the pandemic has resulted in a lot more people needing care in their own homes... my mum for one. She's mostly recovered cognitively - a miracle in itself - but not physically. I got fed up with carers turning up more than an hour after, or sometimes before, the time given, not cleaning mum...
bowlingbun wrote:Yes. Read the CHC Framework.
Thank you Bowlingbun
Am I right in thinking that as my wife has been awarded continuous health care funding by the NHS she is entitled to a personal health care budget ? So we can source carers that are better suited to her needs than what is been offered by the NHS ?
Yes it’s Multiple Sclerosis as Pet says.... sadly exercise isn’t an option
Pet66 wrote:
Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:17 pm
Appalling! Your poor wife, crying out in pain and them ignoring it. Hope you get through to the CHC team asap. You and your wife can't be left without support.
It was shocking ! goodness knows how they treat clients when there isnt a family member present ?
Well they’ve turned up tonight without gloves and proceeded to use nappy bags instead 😳 Unbelievable! How were they proposing to wash and brush her teeth ? Then rolled her onto an injured shoulder causing my wife to cry out in pain which they ignored until I intervened! So they have been sent packin...
You cannot make it up at times.... Following my wife being granted CHC funding we have had to change home care provider as the one we had in place was too expensive. First day today and the new carers were late on both visits so far, had to be reminded to use appropiate PPE, failed to wash hands on ...
The care agency i currently use for my wife incorporates a logging in system on arrival. Which is monitored and i get a call after 15 mins if they have not logged in. We are in the process of changing to a CHC funded agency and i am expecting to have similar issues with poor time keeping or no visit...
bowlingbun wrote:
Mon Jul 12, 2021 11:58 pm
Is your GP aware of how you feel?
That is the next job on my list of things to do.... speak to GP and see what is suggested