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Totally draining but there could be positives as a result 🤞Time will tell 😳

The fiasco could have been avoided Pet from what I’ve learned today ! Not what I needed to hear 😳
Well, the meeting went well despite the assessor turning up late.
They are going to recommend 24/7 care which is promising plus the option of a personal budget too...
But we’ll see what happens next as it all too often is just false promises 😳
Her condition has deteriorated in the last 3 months... fortunately it’s a face to face home visit.
I’ve got all the paperwork from the original assessment plus the hospital paperwork too...
more help is required but it won’t be that simple, it never is 😳
Anyone experienced the 3 month review?
Just curious as to what to expect... the initial assessment was hard work so I’m expecting the same again. Done my homework with the framework but any first hand experience would be helpful?
I’m in a very similar position John My wife has MS and has recently qualified for CHC funding Currently we have 4 visits a day which is due for the 3 monthly review next week... there is an additional 3 hours a week respite care but I’ve not used that. The carers visits can be anything from 15 mins ...
It is a constant uphill battle with any of the agencies.
I am in the process of claiming back care fees from CHC and they are making it so difficult. I am getting conflicting information as to what to do..... Not to mention being on hold on the phone for ages at a time :(
Oh that’s terrible! When you’ve gone to the trouble of reporting issues and then they get disregarded!
It’s worth bearing in mind in future that “good “ probably counts for nothing!
I have no faith in the CQC following recent dealings I’ve had with them. Just lip service is all I received when formal complaints were made with no follow up action of any worth. Begs the question of who actually is there for support when necessary as many agencies are not fit for purpose in my exp...
Received this today have some great news to share with you today! The NHS has committed to improving transport services for older people to and from hospital, and our campaigning had a big part to play in this win. You might remember that in 2018 and 2019, we campaigned to put an end to the painful...
Hi David I have written emails with the same title enough is enough. As BB mentions clapped out carer stage..I reached that too, and I'm in touching distance of much more freedom Having more care at home seems like a possible option. But may not still give you the freedom you want from the mental l...