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<t>Sajehar, I am feeling bad for your situation. Honestly, I am feeling bad. Look, I am stuck at home as well because I can't leave my granny all alone at home because she is even unable to standup today without help. You are not alone and there are people to understand your pain.<br/> <br/> I wish ...
<t>Sajehar, thank you for your comment and I do understand your pain. You will note that I have written 'Individual Way' of thinking which may not be the case for everyone nor I expect everyone to feel the same. Our feelings will depend on the situation we go through. In fact, I also go through slee...
Thank you koala.
Its been over 5 years melly1. Yes, I am.
<t>Rosemary, our personal circumstances, individual thoughts, events and experience shape the way we look at caring. Stress, anxiety, social isolation and deprivation also contribute to our developed attitude towards it. Thinking caring as rewarding is an individual way of developing positive attitu...
Thank you Scally.
Yes, it's a men's name.
Koala, yes I am a Carer of my grandmother.

It was from my daily diary.
Eun, the truth about support is - we will never get the support we need. That's why its good idea to find our own way where possible.
I do agree with what you have said but always look at the positive side. I wish you good luck my dear!
Thank you Scally. Its great to know we have common feeling about caring. And I also want to believe that everybody feels the same.
<r><B><s>[b]</s>Life with Granny: A Diary Of Daily Life.<br/> <br/> Although I missed her a lot during my childhood, meeting her again in the latter stage of her life is of course a matter of great pleasure. Being able to be the carer of my grandmother did not only increased that pleasure but also o...