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Hi again no1mum I used the link you sent and it told me that I was entitled to 3 cold weather payments thanks. But they have told me I prob will not get it untill the middle of jan , which makes no sence to me as most of the people entitled to it round here have already had 2 payments. Do the people...
Thanks no1mum will give it a try
I would have thought they would welcome the well off returning the money to them after all you can return child benefit if you can afford to. I applaud any person who does not require or want this money , returning it.
This in it self would save the government a fair bit of money.
I have a disabled son , he is 11 I also recieve a child tax disability premium are we entitled to the cold weather payments ????
Hi everyone just a quick update on the situation with my son and school. Well the nurse from Great Ormand Street has been in touch with the school and really laid the law down to them as to their attitude and handling of the whole thing. Not only that Liam's specialist at the hospital has replied to...
Thanks suzieq and audrey , and audrey sometimes butting in is not a bad thing ok Image once again thank s all.
Hi everybody who offered very good advice concerning a school prob with my son. Just to let you all know things are going forward http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif . A specialist EB schools liason nurse from great ormand street childrens hospital is to contact my sons school on our beh...
Ahhhh right thanks charles much appreciated Image
hello no1mum yes the press is a good weapon but I intend to exhaust all the other resources and leave the press as a last stand lol
thanks once again
Hi no1mum I already tried the LEA and they said they cant get involved because it a uniform thing and its all down to the school. And yes I had already thought of the local papers also my local MP. Thanks for your advice it is well apreciated.