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Hehe. Here’s hoping all the candidates commit to it and we look forward to it actually coming into affect.

I haven’t kept up to date with the whole thread. But thank you.

Happy 2020 :-)
Woop woop! Finally just seen a piece on Twitter saying that some candidates for mayor of London will be offering free travel to a companion of some disabled people travelling with them. Fingers crossed.
Really intrigued which areas in the UK get free carer travel with the person they care for. Know it's definitely not happening in London.
Thanks to the recent one-on-one with Helena , CEO , we are now assured that the policy team have instructions from above , adding to Nikki's assurance back in December. One perverse argument that both fits in with present Government policy , and the lack of knowlege of what carers do / are , would ...
Taxis are defo a travel option however bro has a freedom pass for tubes and buses (so he should be able to travel free) and he can't use it unless a carer goes with him (me) to support him and that carer has to pay. It doesn't sit right with me that I should be out of further out of pocket when I'm ...
Thanks. I'll have a google search for carer travel petitions etc.
Spotted the reply to this petition this morning. Makes you feel quite devalued as a lowly 'informal carer' ... we do the same 'job' as 'formal carers' (could possibly say we care even more) and yet don't get a 'wage' (even though you have to do over 35 hours of care per week to qualify for carers al...
Wow that sounds amazing. I may keep a sneaky peak at this thread as I've not taken bro abroad since he's been in a wheelchair. I do hear that cruises can be pretty fab access wise.
Thanks. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what can be done about this. It seems entirely wrong. I'm out of pocket to travel when supporting my bro. What do other people do?
I see this as a disability discrimination issue too, as a previous poster said (you'd think a free companion would be a 'reasonable adjustment' for those disabled people who require essential support to travel). It's an issue for carers but also for disabled people who we care for. If I as a family ...