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Our daughter did the race for life this morning, with one of her best friends in 44minutes. They came back beaming. So proud of her especially as it looks like her Dad's cancer is back, we'll find out tomorrow. So she ran with his picture on her back and some lovely words. :D
Yesterday, beautifully sunny, sat in garden and (Queenie) one of the chickens fell asleep on my daughter's lap. The delight on her face was lovely, couldn't get the camera in case it woke her up. A memory gem for us both.
Hi Tubby
Welcome to the forum xx
Hi Noodle
The advice I would have given you has been covered by Melly 1 and Charles 47. Hope you get somewhere closer to your Mum for piece of mind alone. Medication for Parkinsons is so important.
<r>Hello David<br/> Welcome to the forum its hard isn't into words how you feel, sleep deprivation is a whole other world and needs its own language. Lots of people here to listen.<br/> Word of warning some of the threads on here will make you cry, manly in your case of course, and some will have yo...
If only we could bottle laughter :lol: xxx
<t>Hi again Anne <br/> My OH was diagnosed with cancer 4 yrs ago, he is doing well now but is only manageable not curable, so unfortunately matter of time. We have two lovely daughters the older has Spina Bifida where her care was partly shared he can no longer do so to the level as before, so that ...
Just come onto this thread, laughing out loud & would love to use your useful tips. Help me what do I do, go hungry? I use a tablet so no keyboard to catch crumbs for any kind of anything, any advice welcome B)
Do have lots of eggs from hens?
Hi Anne
Welcome to the forum :)
OH is on borrowed time, no amount of money can get him more. But it is an interesting topic and is bound to engender a lot of opinions.