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moan away

it's why were here

we seperate the tossers from the understanders

Hi mate - hope ure ok

No, on low rate personal care you won't get any Carer's allowance

it's only payable on Middle or high rate, there are no exemptions
reminds me of Social workers

i know if all Carer's went on strike - the system would go into severe meltdown - but of course all authorities and central government know full well we won't
plain tossers the lot of them
<t>i would'nt trust any of them <br/> <br/> i wrote to Andy Burnham when he was Sports and Culture Secretary, asking him to look into going 's on in Organisation of London Marathon, he said he would and he promised he'd get back to me,<br/> <br/> then a letter off someone to do with him said differe...
RE - John RJ's AmCare card

South warwickshire carer's service have investigated this and cannot find it anywhere nor does any organisation know of it

i wonder what Carer's UK thinks

surely being the UK group they'd know ??
ALL this is really about at the moment is


they don't give a stuff about anyone, they are all too far from the real world to have a clue
Why is there so much interest in certain age groups and certain illness's

If ONE has Highest special needs , then one has Highest special needs, regardless of age or what the disability or illness
<t>All i can say is F**K the Tories<br/> <br/> Gordon Bown has not got it i know<br/> <br/> but after the Sun newspaper said Labour have lost it<br/> <br/> if David Cameron steps into power<br/> <br/> then it'll be welcome back to Thatcherism <br/> <br/> it'll be kiss good by Britain <br/> <br/> if ...
<t>oh, it's true<br/> <br/> it was on last nights news<br/> <br/> i don't shock too easily, but this just deeply sickens me - disgusts me, <br/> <br/> i'm not referring to what the mother did- quite frankly i'm not suprised at all <br/> <br/> but to the system and the people who taunted them <br/> <...