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<t>This forum is a support group. All members may not meet face to face but we DO support each other.<br/> <br/> Well said Eun. Many of us give up our livlihoods to care for our loved ones. Those that do not have the wherithall struggle to mantain their modest lifsyles without a regular income and w...

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That's a shame about Emma's mother. That sort of thing is bound to mess up any kid. It's not bloody fair, Ooops sorry. Lets hope there are positive results soon. My gun thing gets worse as I get older. My thing is automatic pistols.......look I said enough. This is another topic http://www.carersuk....
Sorry Pix can I change that. I do not have any daughters. Wot a plonker Image Image
Hi Pixie, There was corporal pnishment when I was at school. We had to say thank you to the PE master for him giving us the slipper. If we didn't we got another wallop. I tell you one thing, as the saying gfoes it didn't do me any harm and I had a lot of respect foer that teacher. I must say Amy is ...
Hello and welcome ManEast Image
Hear hear Pixie. I couldn't have said it better
<t>Its a sign of the times I'm afraid. Ever since they did away with corporal punishment in schools and the do-gooders told them they have "rights" some kids today think they can get away with bloody murder. There are even some parents who believe that teachers are there to teach them basic manners....
Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?


Hope it helps and god luck Image
Hi Bella Image Welcome